Let this world explode

I was looking at this and thinking of the Na Na Na video and Gerard’s little booty wiggle. Just like, yeah, imagine them watching him.

Mikey: What is the point of my brother wiggling his ass in this video again..?

Frank: To sexually frustrate me! *twitch-twitch*

Gerard: I am not wiggling my ass, merely adjusting my jeans..

Frank: Those tight fucking jeans.. *twitches more & squirms*

Mikey: *unimpressed & ignoring Frank* Mhm. While the camera gets a close up.

Gerard: *huffs* Whose video is it, Mikey? >.>

Mikey: Ugh… *facepalms* Carry on…

Gerard: *smirks coyly* Please… you all like it.. *flips hair back*

There was a ploy to this and it was “look at my ass, look at my ass, look at my ass, look at my ass in tight jeans!” *giggles* I will never complain.

(I think I made Gerard too sassy in my dialogue.. & Frank too horny. the gif and the picture at the top is not mine and I did not make either one)

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