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This is still on my mind. For anyone saying fanfiction writers should be shunned because obviously we don’t respect Gerard’s family, what the hell do you mean anyhow? Do you even read fanfiction at all? Do you know anything about it? Is it the slashers or people who support/ship/write/read Frerard you despise? You do realize that not all fanfiction is about slash or Frerard, right? Some of it is actually generic and not about romance or sex at all. I’ve seen all kinds and there is plenty of it I don’t like either, but saying fanfiction writers should be shunned and basically calling them bad fans is just plain stupid. Lots of fanfic writers do include Gerard’s wife and no they don’t all insult her, I’ve saw her written in very positive light even if they write Frerard. I’ve saw fanfiction where Gerard is written with her. Hell, I’ve saw fanfiction where she uses a strap-on on him.

Most of these people come on here and insult Gerard anyway, but they get pissy when you don’t like his wife. So? I hate when Gerard is written as an asshole or always the abusive top. I hate when he’s considered an asshole on here. I don’t particularly like his wife. I do not wish to talk about her or write about her, she’s not for me. And no, that doesn’t mean I do not accept he has a family. I am not some delusional fangirl that thinks hating on her will somehow magically let me be with Gerard. I know I’ll never be with him. I do not come on here and insult her, I do not write fanfiction to insult her, I merely leave her out and let her fans be in peace. I do not insult Gerard, I do not write fanfiction to insult Gerard. I am not on here and I do not write fanfiction for any of that. I do it to celebrate and fantasize and drool over Gerard and show him some love.

Not all fanfiction is the same and every bit of it is done as fantasy whether you like it or not. Hell, a lot of it is just little fangirl’s Mary Sues being rescued by Party Poison and I don’t like or read it either, but whatever. (Side note: And anyone who thinks slashers and Frerard shippers are sick and insulting to their wives, but support like a Gerard/OCchick fic, well they are just making themselves sound homophobic. Because if it’s insulting to Gerard’s family to put him with Frank, it’s just as insulting to put him with some Mary Sue. I am not shunning those writers either, I am just giving my opinion because I have crossed these kinds of people before in other fandoms. And I am not saying all Mary Sue writers or all people who hate fanfiction are like this, but I’m saying that there are some like that out there.) Personally, I do not write him with his family to be less insulting to them. I adore Gerard’s daughter, I will not put her in my world because it gets a little disturbing sometimes. I will simply leave her out.

That said, there is only one type of fanfiction that should be shunned, or at least I personally shun it, and that is Baycest. People who write Gerard molesting his daughter (or Frank’s children) disgust me. It disgusts me because she is only a little girl. She is nowhere near an adult age in real life, even if she’s written as an adult in the fanfic. I am fine with Waycest, but Mikey and Gerard are both of adult legal age in real life (even if they are written as underage in a fic). His daughter is not. Want to pick on fanfic writers? Go pick on Baycest writers. And I will never be made believe Gerard could hurt his daughter in such a manner.

Some of us fanfiction writers DO have our boundaries and our rules. One rule of mine Gerard broke was I did write myself as a Mary Sue with him when I said I’d never become a Mary Sue or self-insert myself into a story. And I topped him, used a strap-on. I did it for writing practice and for fun. I wanted to see how I would write it. I have only shown it to my friends on Twitter who were interested. I have not posted that anywhere as of yet. It was fantasy and for myself and really nothing more. Gerard has me and my poor sexuality confused and that was very different. Quite frankly, I am not into het fiction.

My point is, there is a lot of bad fanfiction. There is a lot of stuff in fanfiction I do not like and I will stay the hell away from. But not all of us fanfiction writers are bad people, we are not bad fans because we write to make ourselves happy. What we do is fantasy. That’s the key word of fanfiction; FICTION. It isn’t real. If you don’t like it, stay away from it. No one is forcing you to read or like it.

As far as hating on Frerard. How can you do that and call yourselves fans anyway? Gerard and Frank still gave that to the world. Your beloved band members got on stage and kissed. Gerard has kissed other men. It’s actually a beautiful thing and if they (or their wives, if anyone wants to bring them into it as some people usually and always do) had no problem with it, neither should you. You don’t have to like it, but you have to accept it was apart of MCR history. There are people out there that take the whole thing too far, and I agree they shouldn’t. But not all of us are like that and we should not pay for those sins.

(I have not included wives or children’s names because it really isn’t about them and that is not to insult them. This is about Gerard and fanfiction and slash. When I say ‘you’ in this, I am not talking to anyone in particular or even everyone in the MCRmy, it is not direct)

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